MINT - Multilingual Inland Navigation Terminology

MINT - Multilingual Inland Navigation Terminology

Welcome to MINT (Multilingual Inland Navigation Terminology), the database of the CCNR for terminology used in the Rhine and inland navigation.

MINT currently contains 12494 entries for terms and expressions most frequently found in the working documents, resolutions and regulations of the CCNR.

MINT provides the translation of words and expressions in the working languages of the CCNR: German, French and Dutch. English will be added gradually. The terms are listed in their singular or plural form, depending on the form used in the source document. For many entries, MINT also indicates the regulatory source and provides contextual sentences and definitions drawn from CCNR regulations.

New entries will be added gradually as the terminological inventory of CCNR documents is carried on.

Users of MINT may submit new terms and their translation or suggest changes using the form provided under Contact us. Proposals will be added to Mint after validation by the translation service of the CCNR.